Our ski trips sell out quickly every year, so make sure you've got your spot reserved now!

-- Dave White,  Trip Coordinator

You just can't find a more economical way to to travel and ski anywhere!


-- Scott Kuehn, Eau Claire, WI

The people are so friendly.  It's always a good time no matter where we go or what we're doing!

-- Brad Linn,  Past Club President


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Our MEMBERS say ...

The Red Eye Ski and Snowboard Club is a proud supporter of the Pinehurst Park Project, which is a local volunteer effort to create downhill winter recreation opportunities at Eau Claire's Pinehurst Park..

​​​Free Membership this Year- No membership Dues 

Red Eye Ski & Snowboard Club

hit the slopes...

INDYSKIPASS.com   Check this out if you plan on Skiing at Granite Peak or Lutsen for huge cost savings. We skiied twice this year at Granite Peak only because purchased this pass.

 many Red Eye members attended the Dec 19 trip to Trollhaugen and Jan 9 trip to Granite Peak.  No problems with tickets as both places consider the indy pass as advance tickets.

2021 Red Eye trips planned this season both allow use of the Indy Ski Pass: 
Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN February 20th, 2021
Big Powderhorn, Bessemer, MI March 6th -7th, 2021